Demonstrations in Yangon and Rakhine state annoyed OIC’s foreign ministers’ visit


The recent OIC’s foreign ministers visit to Myanmar was, in fact, since the last year’s continuation efforts of Organization of Islamic Conference to pay visit to Myanmar under the agreement of Union Government of Myanmar to evaluate the situation in Myanmar. OIC is comprised with (57) Islamic countries from every corner of the world and it has been extending helping hands to the needy people of the world under the theme of regardless of race, religion and cultural differences, since its emergence.

From the one hand, after having been agreed by the government of Myanmar to allow the OIC to pay visit to Myanmar in the last year, there had been intentional nonstop demonstrations, all over the country against the OIC’s visit, which might have been led or screwed from the other hand by both the inner circle of government of Myanmar and all coordinated Rakhine Political parties such as RNDP and ALD which is led by vet. Aye Maung and Aye Thar Aung.

In the year 2012, because of the mushroom like free hand demonstrations which were being permitted by the authorities to celebrate shamelessly to be seen by people of the world, that had totally been against the OIC, U Thein Sein has ended up by himself to stop the OIC’s visit under the pretext of mass people’ desire that do not need OIC’s official visit which to have had a helpful assessment against the violence that had been one-sidedly erupted along entire Rakhine state and Myanmar proper, targeting the innocent Muslims.

Seeing the OIC countries’ disunity among them and the true loophole of the weakness of the Muslims Ummah of the world by the government of Myanmar and Rakhine (Maugh) intellectual people, it was seemed to have adopted an annihilated plan to finish Rohingyas and Muslims of Burma while there wouldn’t be any outcry or helping hand from the Muslims Ummah of the world.

But right now, we entire Myanmar people are highly appreciative to seeing the meticulous endeavor of OIC’s delegates in the United Nations to help solve the problem of Rohingyas and others very peacefully in the sidelines of the UN and also happy to notice the OIC’s constructive engagement to work with the government of Myanmar without setting any blockage which may curve the regime of Myanmar and become a block stone to the democratic reform of Thein Sein regime with the United Power of OIC in the United Nations.

Organization of Islamic Conference is neither a super power wielding organization nor a bully union similar to the United Nations Security Council to use the ultimate authorized power to the targeted destination nor does it have remarkable records that have ever interfered in any United Nations member country of the world in its history!

Having been the very useful multilateral diplomatic channels for the sake of the country, ultimately, U Thein Sein government has realized to allow the goodwill visit of OIC foreign ministers to Myanmar to do their works with the coordination efforts of Myanmar government in every level.

After having an agreement with the OIC in the United Nations sidelines to coordinate in matter relevant, OIC was set to pay visit to Myanmar under the bilateral agreement. While OIC was in Myanmar, there have been several deceitful, cunning and devious demonstrations which were being arranged by RNDP, ALD and their grassroots level townships and village organs that have been debauching and humiliating the valuable guests all along the trip.

Neither, such the demonstrations will help solve the outstanding problems which so far unsolved and become regional and international issue in which all incumbents of the world have been involved nor the culprits who have undertaken in along massacre and overall social devastation of Rohingyas, Kaman and Burmese Muslims will be able to escape from the international criminal courts but rather the past demonstrations and next coming ones will worsen the unsolved problem more complex for the peaceful solution to the problem.

Being Myanmar and OIC are the same developing countries status, OIC has a sympathetic attitude on Myanmar and no country is above one another. OIC does not want to put any head-ache on Myanmar government because no OIC country is a super power in its Organization or a collective super power to push any country of the world into troubling angle rather to engage in collective work-done bilaterally and multilaterally.

To save face of the nation and to be honest, the Union Government is responsible for overall things happenings along the country. Rhetoric RNDP chair vet. Aye Maung, Aye Thar Aung and some of their ignorant grassroots leaders should be confined, arrested and put in long terms jail
imprisonment for the sake the Union, Rakhine state and that of the people’ bright future because Aye Maung, Aye Thar Aung and some Rakhine politicians and parliamentarians are ultra-violent attitude to the nation building task, peaceful co-existence, harmonious society, rehabilitation, reconstruction process and become chauvinistic to the nature of very reality and a big stumbling stone for the sake of the country.

credit: Myo Thant

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