Human Right violation will continue if the World won’t put pressure on Burma

AUNG AUNG (SITTWE) (27/10/2013)

Our era of modern civilization is characterized as much by war and conflict as it is by peace and democracy. The twentieth century was the century of war. 21st century is full of Dictators’ mischief against democracy, human right and religion. 1000s of good people stand for reality, justice, and human right on Earth. Unfortunately some leaders support dictators, mischief, and injustice, and deny human dignity and human right. They are worse than cruel dictators, shame on those leaders!

A good leader should remains as humble as common people after accomplishment of admire, wealth, and fame; showing an impressive strength of character, morality, and virtue. The person who risk his or her life, wealth and reputation, and bear criticize for a lie in order to get higher worldly position, cannot be a good leader. History is full of people, who saying one thing and doing another can never change people. A good leader should be a good exemplar of high moral conduct and virtue. A liar cannot be a good leader. A good leader must know his people thoroughly to educate them and lead them to realize a great cause. We need to learn each other before we judge each other.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi became famous as democracy icon of Burma but she failed to tell the reality as she developed her grudge against her Muslim boyfriend of her youth. She uses her personal anger against all Muslims and started the destruction of humanity, human right and justice. She has been denying existence of Rohingya knowingly. When only 10 persons left to support her, a Rohingya leader, U Kyaw Myint was one of them. Today, she openly denies Rohingya’s existence, ethnic cleansing and human right violation because of her grudge against Muslims.

More than 300000 Rohingya left the country because of persecution in 1977-78. When Myanmar Government received those refugees under UN supervision, Dictator Ne Win accepted most of the refugees back as Rohingya, Myanmar citizens. I attached an official document of returning refugee in which the race of refugee was written Rohingya, not Bangali.

As denial of Sun’s existence by the whole humanity cannot remove the Sun, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s denial cannot cease Rohingya’s existence. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s stand for Dictators is a sign of future human right violation in Burma. We need World’s support to put pressure on Myanmar Government.

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